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Hurstville City Council launches new iPhone app

Posted 15 June 2012 by Scott Davey (CouncilView)

Hurstville City Council is the latest customer of CouncilView, and the first on the v2.0 platform.  

Branded as 'Hurstville City Council' in the App Store, the iPhone app showcases many of the new features of CouncilView's native mobile app, including:

  • Latest news, syndicated from their website,
  • Latest events, syndicated from their website,
  • Browsing attractions, facilities and services including parks, council services, car parking and local attractions,
  • A customised My Local Services facility that tells residents bin collection times, closest council facilities and their councillors and wards,
  • A report an issue function, allowing residents to take a photo and submit to council for action.

My Local Services
Browsing for services

The CouncilView system also contains a modern, mobile-optimised website allowing residents and visitors to browse from their mobile web browser, as well as their desktop web browser.

CouncilView 2 also has a new content management platform that makes it easy to manage and import content from existing systems.  



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