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Engaging young people in a crisis

Posted 3 June 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

Two Australian local councils assist young people in times of emergencies and times of crisis using a fresh approach that utilises the web and networks of Parents & Carers, Service & Education Providers.

With a mobile first, user-centred design enabled by Datalink's CommunityView, Hobson's Bay City Council and Wyndham City Council are able to deliver service information to users of desktops and a wide range of tablets and smartphones in an engaging and user friendly way. The youth engagement model used is represented by a pyramid with different colours representing the different levels of help required, with emergency at the very top. The interesting thing about this approach, apart from being user-centred, is that it is aimed at all stages of the crisis lifecycle. The information in the directory is tagged to belong to one of these levels and also optionally specific locations, making it simple and effective for youth services managers to maintain. 

In addition, with CommunityView, the councils are able to publish native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Wyndham youth directory as it appears on the iPad Mini
Youth directory running on the HTC OneX Android phone



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