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City of Wyndham Launches "My Local Services" and "Experience Wyndham"

Posted 10 March 2010 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

Wyndham City Council is the first in Victoria to pilot Datalink's innovative CouncilView application. 

Wyndham has two CouncilViews launched to councide with a website redesign. 

Branded "My Local Services" by Community Services, CouncilView allows residents to enter their postcard and receive map based views and content of their nearest services.

City of Wyndham's My Local Services page

Branded "Experience Wyndham" by Visitor Services, CouncilView allows visitors to receive map based views of local events, attractions and facilities.

The City of Wyndham is a Local Government Area in Victoria, Australia, located in the outer south-western suburbs of Melbourne, between Melbourne and the regional city of Geelong. It has an area of 542 square kilometres (209 sq mi) and at the 2006 Census Wyndham had a population of 112,695.


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