CommunityView is a truly cross-platform approach to engaging your local community that delivers information to members of and visitors based on where they are.

CommunityView provides a view of local services, facilities and attractions via web enabled devices including mobile. Residents can find their nearest facilities based on their place of residence, visitors a view of local attractions close to where they area.


  • Enhance your e-services
  • Free up your call centre
  • Free up your website managers
  • Low maintenance solution
  • Low cost solution
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Native apps enhance user convenience and corporate branding

What it Does

CommunityView delivers formatted information directly from your council Geographic Information System (GIS) (and optionally) you community database.

Some systems enable you to publish the GIS interface (Intramaps, Latitude and MapInfo), however these can sometimes be clunky, look terrible and even with features switched off and stripped back novice users inevitably find them difficult to use not to mention costing a small fortune in licences, implementation and training.

In contrast, CommunityView provides a simple, intuitive interface which is a breeze for novice users. All they have to do is enter their postcode and/or address and then customises their view of council services including map based information using a familiar Google Maps interface. No training at all is required for admins and it can be up and running almost straight away.

CommunityView replaces countless hours managing website content with an automated system that just  works, regardless of which technologies you use.