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Localised & personalised services, attractions, news and events, delivered via iPhone, Smartphone and Website.

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Next Generation e-Services

CommunityView is a next generation web application that delivers a personalised view of services, facilities and attractions to members of your local community based on where they are.

Free up your call centre

Empower residents to log issues in their neighbourhood from their mobile phone, capturing photos and location-based information, and passing this electronically to your request system.

Personalised to your community

CommunityView presents a personalised view to your community's members and visitors. Residents need never forget their service times again. Individuals get access to info personalised to their location, accessible at any time, be it rubbish collection times or upcoming events.

Website friendly

CommunityView is website friendly and configurable. With an easy to use admin system, it snaps on to any council website. Easily customise the look and feel with your council logo and colours or brand independently and bring in data from your GIS.

Mobile friendly

CommunityView delivers information to residents via mobile devices including SMS, mobile optimised interface and native apps for iOS and Android.

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In Action

  1. City of Hurstville
    City of Hurstville

    City of Hurstville engages residents through web and mobile apps

  2. Maribyrnong My Services
    Maribyrnong My Services

    Helps residents you quickly find out about council services offered to you or located near their home

  3. Wyndham City Council
    Wyndham City Council

    CommunityView powers locality based services for several resident and visitor portals.